Contemporary Freight Forwarding

We provide modern freight forwarding and transportation solutions to clients, ensuring that you’ll have cutting-edge technology at your disposal. We also give our customers visibility into their logistics with a varied network of carriers and competitive pricing for this service.

Simfreight, your freight forwarding cargo agent conveniently located near London Heathrow Airport

We specialise in the Import and Export of cargo to and from the United Kingdom.

With our worldwide range of network partner agents, we have an extremely strong worldwide reach which means we can arrange the transportation of your cargo to and from any major city, anywhere in the world.

Whether it is time critical airfreight or cost effective sea freight – we are here to help and offer our professional advice and services.

As a 24 hour cargo company, we are available day and night should you need us. This has the added advantage of being able to monitor and track your shipments through every leg of its journey, regardless of the time.

If you would like to speak with us face to face to discuss how we can assist you with your logistic requirements, we would be more than happy to meet with you! Just phone or email us using the details on the ‘contact us’ page and you will get an immediate response.

Air Freight

Air Freight

Reliable and competitively priced air freight forwarding services


Sea Freight

Sea Freight

Highly affordable way to move goods in and out of the country

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Road Freight

Road Freight

Often a more cost effective solution, especially when moving goods around the UK and Europe

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Advice based on experience, expertise and a strong network of carefully chosen partners


Air Imports

Air Imports

Simfreight Limited offers you the convenience of importing goods from all over the world

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Air Exports

Air Exports

We can arrange direct flights to destinations worldwide

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What makes us so special?

Shipping goods into and out of the UK has become a more complex process, with a wide range of services and cost options to choose from.

However, charting a ‘clear route’ through all of this is easy when you engage the services of freight forwarding experts Simfreight to ship your goods.

We know all the ins and outs of moving consignments by road, air, rail and sea. We also understand how individual each of our clients is. So, we offer transportation, export and import services that are versatile, responsive and always cost-effective.

That includes the guarantee of free advice on the best ways to move goods internationally.

Then, the freight forwarding options we recommend will always be priced competitively and will genuinely be the best way to secure delivery of your item or items to your timescale.

Thanks to our network of trusted international partners – including some of the world’s top shipping companies – your export/import logistics can be managed by our team in a seamless and stress-free way.

Professional Export and Import Paperwork

What about the paperwork and red tape involved in moving goods into and out of the UK? We have all that covered too!

It’s all part of the assurance that with Simfreight, every consignment we handle – large or small – is treated with care and control, to get it safely to its destination on time and on budget.

This dedication to being 100% reliable has earned us a stellar reputation as a UK freight forwarder and ensured we are highly recommended export/import agents.

What do the best freight forwarders do?

We are specialists in making shipping arrangements for goods to be transported internationally, including managing the logistics for getting cargo through customs and other legislative processes.

Many of our clients are commercial organisations seeking the best ways to move goods overseas, or who need reliable UK import services.

The cost of export/import support is therefore crucial to their profitability. As is getting goods to their destination in the same condition that they left the factory!

In this case, we can handle anything from a single pallet to a full ship’s container, urgent delivery by air freight, or large and unusually shaped machinery or vehicles being shipped internationally by road or sea.

This makes us a great international logistics service for:

• First-time exporters
• SME exporters
• Frequent shippers looking for cost savings
• Businesses importing one-off cargo
• Businesses importing cargo regularly.

However, Simfreight’s versatile and responsive freight forwarding services are also available to private individuals. The sort of customers who need help with:

• Sending larger items overseas
• Shipping heirlooms and valuable items
• Bringing large purchases into the UK
• Transporting vehicles internationally

Which is the best mode of transport for your requirements?

Visit our service pages for up-to-date information on moving goods using the best freight forwarding services.

Much depends on your budget and how quickly you need delivery to be.

For example, Simfreight can help you get urgent deliveries from the UK to Europe, and beyond, via competitively priced air freight services.

However, for less time-sensitive exports, we can find you the cheapest shipping options using sea freight providers.

Simfreight has invested heavily in building up a superb network of international partners. Each one is a specialist freight handling provider, vetted for reliability and competitive pricing.

Our skills and technology mean your consignment is tracked on every step of its journey – door to door – giving you the assurance of both real-time updates and accountability.

We also offer an export/import consultancy service, to help you with such matters as:

  • Frequent shipping requirements
  • Moving goods into the UK – or exporting – on a tight budget
  • Freight forwarding for larger or more unusual consignments
  • Complex freight delivery needs
  • Advice on HM customs procedures


Our professional credentials as a UK freight management company

As you would expect from such a well-respected UK freight forwarder, we are proud and active members of trade bodies that uphold standards in this sector.

This includes membership of the British International Freight Association (BIFA) and International Federation of Freight Forwarders (FIATA)

Also, we have invested heavily in finding reliable insurance to cover our activities as a trusted, recommended freight logistics and transportation agency

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