Air Freight Imports

Simfreight Limited offers you the convenience of importing goods from all over the world. With our partner agents in many cities, we can arrange your import and avoid any unnecessary hassle for you. Our partner agents are just as dedicated to their work as we are, so if it’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness that interests you most, call us!

Simfreight, your freight forwarding cargo agent conveniently located near London Heathrow Airport

Shipping air freight requires both land and air operations expertise. We offer a comprehensive service that allows for your freight to be transferred from door-to-door, airport-to-door, or elsewhere.

On pickup or delivery to the airport, we handle all related landside operations including customs clearance.

Our multimodal services can then facilitate the transferring of your shipment onto other transport modes for onward delivery to the destination that you require.

Do you need to import your goods via airfreight?

Airfreight options provide a highly responsive and quick solution.

One of the many benefits of working with Simfreight to transport goods by air is that the cost of air freight will be well-managed.

International air freight services are also an excellent option for transporting high-value items, or other consignments that require a combination of high security and speedy delivery.

It covers a wide range of bags, parcels and pallets. Simfreight can provide help with making sure air freight consignments are properly packaged and labelled. We can even package your goods for you!

Simfreight offers door to airport and door to door services for transporting goods by air. We can pick up your consignment and make all the necessary arrangements for the importation of your cargo.

Handling the admin and paperwork for the customs clearance is all part of our comprehensive freight forwarding service. Including the import customs clearance required to import your cargo into the UK onto its final destination.

As you would imagine, there are laws on goods that can be transported by air. Though these are generally linked to flammable and dangerous goods. Contact Simfreight to ask if your goods are suitable for air freight.

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To get a free estimate for air freight forwarding, or good advice on transporting goods by air, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and informative team. Ask us about consolidated shipping arrangements for air freight too, to manage the costs better.