Road Freight

Do you need your goods transported to or from mainland Europe? Simfreight can help you move goods by road, and offer the advantage of cost-effective road freight charges.

Simfreight, your freight forwarding cargo agent conveniently located near London Heathrow Airport

The reasons to choose road freight options include lower prices than air freight on larger consignments and usually a quicker service, especially when moving cargo around the UK and Europe.

Also, as part of Simfreight’s superb customer service, you can have your goods collected, to transport consignments door to door by road. Meaning our European road freight service is highly responsive when you have important delivery deadlines to meet.

More reasons why Simfreight provides the best transport option

We provide help with documentation for export/import by road. We can offer full trailer loads, part loads, as well as groupage and dedicated delivery solutions.

One of the advantages of using road freight services is that it is possible to move heavy loads cost-effectively, and still get time-sensitive goods delivered on schedule.

By consolidating consignments, Simfreight is able to offer low-cost road freight forwarding for parcels and smaller pallet loads.

Certain items considered dangerous may be unsuitable for road freight transportation. Simfreight is happy to discuss this as part of our freight forwarding consultancy service.

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To get a free estimate for air freight forwarding, or good advice on transporting goods by air, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and informative team. Ask us about consolidated shipping arrangements for air freight too, to manage the costs better.

Simfreight, your freight forwarding cargo agent conveniently located near London Heathrow Airport

Moving cargo by truck is often more cost effective than airfreighting, especially if it’s pallets. At Simfreight Limited you can easily send your freight to any European destination with our road transport service.

Sim Freight Ltd has a fleet of vehicles that serve major ports and airports on a daily basis. We specialize in both domestic shipments from vans to articulated vehicles as well as international exports, which is made possible by direct shipment.

Sim Freight offers the fastest road transport delivery for many European destinations – even airfreight and sea cargo shipping options can be beaten out by this service!

Offloading and loading is also much easier with direct shipment because all the cargo will go from one place to another rather than having to make other stops along the way like groupage shipments do.

Direct Shipment allows more flexibility when choosing routes while Groupage Shipping provides consignments coming from multiple customers combined into one truckload which are ideal for smaller consignment deliveries and not urgent orders.